Marriage and Family Therapy
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About Dr. Barr
Dr. Barr is a lifelong Texan reared in the Panhandle.  She was educated at Texas Tech University where her grandfather was the Dean of Agriculture and her mother was the official Texas Tech baby, born on the day of the first faculty meeting in 1925.  History, family and connectedness are key elements in her work with clients.   The impact of 'normal' (if there is such a thing) or expected events and also those events that are non-normative or unexpected are of particular interest and focus.  How individuals and families cope with high stress situations (e.g. a family member with a chronic or terminal illness, victims of violent crime or a natural disaster, high intensity and high-risk jobs in law enforcement) have demonstrated the strength and resiliency we all have, which is what Dr. Barr identifies and empowers clients to use in themselves.  She has worked successfully with clients having serious childhood trauma, those struggling with substance abusing or mentally-ill  family members and those couples/families facing loss through death, divorce or a trust violation.  Dr. Barr has also  responded to accidental and natural disasters, including the Texas A & M bonfire collapse and multiple floods, tornadoes and earthquakes.  
Dr. Barr has taught at the university level at Texas Tech and has served as faculty at Texas Woman's University, the California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) in Los Angeles, the University of Texas, St. Edwards University and South University in marriage and family therapy, family studies, social work and mental health counseling programs.  She has provided training for local, state organization staff that provide counseling and other services to crime victims and underserved persons, such as those affected by domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking.  Dr. Barr is a long-term training and technical assistance consultant for the Office for Victims of Crime, having provided training, needs assessment and onsite consultation for grant writing and service delivery for those impacted by mass casualty and terrorism related events such as the Virginia Tech shootings and the Boston Marathon bombings.